Thursday, March 5, 2015

Telling Tales:: Thumblings


Hiding behind your dresser drawer
Buried among the socks you thought you lost in your dresser
Is a Thumbling
Hoarding your loose change
Your spare keys and your lost baubles
He waits for you to turn around
So he can “borrow” things he knows you need
But don’t worry, you’ll never see him
Frankly you would never want to
The minute you go near him he makes you forget what you were doing.
Ever wonder why you walk into a room and forget why you were there?
You probably stepped too close to the Thumbling trying to borrow your remote
Next time you go out you may want to get a fish

I hear they hate fish

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Telling Tales:: Triplets


SarahAnne MaryAnne and Clara were sisters
SarahAnne was the pretty one
With hair of gold and the laughter of an angel
MaryAnne was the smart one
She had prizes and scholarships and always knew the right answer
Clara was really born Thomas

She was the favorite

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Racing Thoughts

I had a little moment of creativity here so I decided to share a poem with you guys

Racing Thoughts

Beating faster
Out of control
On the verge of a breakdown I can’t yet vocalize
Ready to fall to my knees from the strain of holding myself together one more moment

Canceling plans
Falling behind in the group
Avoiding conversations and people for no “real” reason
Hiding away from the world under covers and darkness alone with my thoughts

Fear like your deepest nightmare
Indescribable quaking and shaking and sweat
Tremors starting from my fingertips to my toes
Stammering words and phrases to the point of silence

Quiet from the racing thoughts
Laughing and joking once more like five minutes ago was a distant memory
Recovering from a seven mile run exhaustion but overwhelming calm within my soul


Monday, January 26, 2015

Twice Hands

Twice Hands

Once upon a time a little boy was born

He was not like any other boy though
You see he had hands twice as big as every other boy and feet twice as small
He was teased all day and night and never allowed to play with the other kids
One day he was walking home,  running from bush to bush to hide
And out of nowhere came a baseball from the field behind the bushes
He took his twice sized hands and caught the ball
He was then chased down the street for stealing the fly ball
He never walked home that way again

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Cleaning House: Beauty Edition

Disclaimer:  This month has been pretty hectic. I was insanely busy at work trying to follow up with all of my customers as soon as the new year hit before I hopped on a plane on the 4th and spent a full 5 days in Atlanta Georgia for work.  I flew back home on a Friday and on Sunday night I got a call my grandfather had passed away. This past week has been full of training my partner in what I learned while I was away and just trying to hold it all together on the family front.  I honestly though this month would be full of posts and pictures and inspiration and so far it has just been full of stress and work and life.  Sometimes things happen and what you thought were your priorities suddenly change.

::Onto the real post::

In just the past two months I have acquired what you see below:

All from beauty boxes, and a few gems from Christmas gifts from friends.  (The few gems are a handful of lip products.  These beauty boxes are spoiling me with goodies.)

I decided I've had enough of my hoarding tendencies and started furiously going through my drawers and boxes and either throwing out, giving away, or re-organizing everything.  My poor mother is getting a bag full of hair products and a box full of makeup and skincare.  Sharing is caring!

Especially after these past few weeks I feel like I need a fresh start.  A clean out of all my old habits and things to make room to grow and really start to figure out my place. I started with my makeup, next is my clothes, and then for the less materialistic things in my life. Sidenote: My boyfriend LOVES that I suddenly want to clean.  Win win!

This is a super short post, a little update into my life, and a promise that next month will be filled with some pretty awesome things. Maybe I'll become a real blogger and actually start carrying a camera around with me.  Wouldn't that be neat?

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Move Over Oyster Boy

Flamed Lovers

Once upon a time a match fell in love with a flame

He would wait all day to see her flicker in the night                 
He longed to be with her and knew she felt the same though she never spoke spoke a word
One day he had an idea how they could be together
He spent all day soaking in a bowl of water
Waiting for night time to fall so he could finally love her
But alas
The one thing he never knew was that all this time he was waterproof
And the minute he came close to her he lit up just the same

This is only one of the first of many posts to come in this Tim Burton-esque style.  A little macabre, a little cute, and it always leaves an impression.

Thursday, January 1, 2015

First Post of 2015; Telling Tales: Malady

I've made some changes around here and the biggest one is on content.  I've started two new series as of right now and the newest is called Telling Tales. It's a collection of short stories in the style of "The Melancholy  Death of Oyster Boy" by Tim Burton.  I've started asking for inspiration from friends and family and so far it's going great.  This series means a lot to me and to have my family and friends be a part of this makes it all the more meaningful.  Right now there are no illustrations but I hope to have that fixed pretty soon.  


Malady was the purest white
With eyes that shone like fire
And across her back a hundred spots
On her forehead another
You may think she’s a pretty thing
But don’t let her purring fool you
Those spots aren’t spots but spiders you see
Which attack the moment you’re near her

Inspired by my brother Steve.